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J. A. Crane

New York fashion week features designers of all walks of experience, inspiration, and geographical location.  One of these nouveau labels strutting the streets of New York is China’s sole representative to the fashion forum that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week happens to be VLOV.  The brand is almost like the oriental Calvin Klein, just without the amazingly successful men’s briefs campaign.  Something they are very successful with right now is their young adult male target style and the looks their pieces can match with.  It is a brand I hope to own some of soon!  This collection is great.  The menswear is for real!

Light jacket, black shorts, amazing sandals

Perfect Sandals. Not cray about the lady bag.

Asymmetrical zip jacket with lapel, white shorts

Light cardigan broadens the shoulders and
Flatters the silhouette.

Perfect plaid pairing.

I know some people have their qualms regarding white after labor day, but they’ll live.  I personally love it, white is like black, it goes with pretty much everything.  Only difference is not everyone tries hard enough to make white work for them.  VLOV will easily hit the young market of American menswear and men’s style.


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