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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the New York affair that is on the books months ahead in advance.  For fashion week, everyone picks out the shows they want to see (if they are invited) and wears that label’s apparel; a homage of idolization much like young high school punks wearing band shirts at a rock concert. At the same time, designers, creative directors, PR professionals and the freaks-of-nature models are scanting around the streets finishing their last projects and edits and photo-shoots before the pieces make the runway.  If they fail, they’ll be in the unemployment line or being re-casted for foreign porn or extras on soap operas.

I’ve looked over a few of the collections that have been debuted in New York and there are some I love and must put your attention to.  Let’s check out men’s wear by Todd Snyder.

Todd Snyder is the former vice president of menswear design at J. Crew.  Assignments working at Gap and Ralph Lauren can also be found on his resume.  He’s from Iowa and draws inspiration from American heritage as the muse of his menswear collection.  His own label is still in its fledgling years but has achieved a surmountable wave of success after getting nods from the fashion industry’s heavy hitters such as GQ and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.  He has a strong distribution outlet, with buyers from Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Ron Herman, and Odin New York purchasing his pieces and promoting his label.

His current collection looks amazing and you can see his distinctive style in his looks.  His menswear line will garner much success and his men’s styling is forward and what one could call, enthusiastic.  He sees boots being very transitional for the Spring/Summer of 2013, as well as short shorts and lively trousers.  I do too.  I love the casual look mixed with formal appeal, a style that can bring much needed transition to anybody’s closet.

Check out Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Check out Todd Snyder


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