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Men’s Fashion and Style: The Classics and The Nouveau for F/W 2012

What is the case for men’s fashion in America?  The population is so stratified that you have your groups of people dress in pajamas and awful patterns/fits while there are others that dress to the nines to do everything.  Including grocery shopping!  I encourage to always look good at doing whatever your doing, with the exception of some work conditions… So what is acceptable in men’s fashion?  Men have many limitations when shopping and factors to figure.  Some guys hate shopping!  They want what they want and to them, if its out of site, it is out of mind and they are not interested in spending their time to look for anything.  Some have financial limitations, others have few places to buy good stuff from, many groups of guys dress the exact same way to continue to be accepted into their bro group.  Men are human beings too!  Expressing ourselves by how we present ourselves is fundamental self-image management.  It is the key to making a great first impression for people you meet and the people who will wish they could meet you.  Standing out, marketing yourself by your wardrobe will never be disrespected and its much easier for men to pull off more looks!


Let’s look at an American man’s classic: Ralph Lauren.

River Viiperi in the Rugby Collection

The basics of Ralph Lauren started as a modest tie maker and seller and grew into a conglomerate that has many different brands and hundreds of stores across the world.  Ralph Lauren now creates and sells  everything from shoes to shorts to accessories and ball gowns.  If you as a man have a special event to get ready for, you won’t go wrong with buying Ralph Lauren.  The new Ralph Lauren Rugby Brand has a new fall advertising campaign with a lot of great looks.  It features one of my favorite models, Spanish beauty River Viiperi (twitter feed: @RiverViiperi), who I hear is now dating Paris Hilton (River is 21, btw…), wearing some amazing looks that appear inspired by the early 20th century American and British styles.  The classic Polo Ralph Lauren reflects a lot of the wardrobe that could be seen on “Mad Men”, with dapper looks fit for any occasion.  Ralph Lauren stays true to the Ivy League athletic look and can keep a market with men of all race and ages.  From jeans to luggage and boots to bed spreads, no one can tell you that you’ve gone wrong choosing Ralph Lauren.


      I don’t recommend people forsake their own potential creativity and become catalog dressers.  It’s safe to dress in an entire wardrobe so that it matches and looks right, but that’s no fun!  Throwing something, just one thing, that looks a little crazy or out of place (but not tacky or gauty unless you’re the type of guy that can pull it off, which is very rare) sends an entirely  new message out to everyone about you!  If you have nice legs, put on some pants with a dye job and a good slim fit.  I found some random pictures of great looks that have exactly what I’m talking about.

Great new look Guys have for Pants.

Model Jeremy Young

Slim fit red pants and oversized Jacket

What looks do you think look great on men?  What designer do you think honors men’s style the most?


Next to come: The Man Bag.


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