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Men’s Style and Fashion Icons

There are all walks of men in the world, and some of these men do good by paying attention to the shoes they wear to do all that walking.  Man considerations of men’s style and fashion are popularized by main stream culture, almost as a guideline for what could be considered a successful look or style to make one’s own.  Some guys make it easy by just having a great wardrobe that will match with anything, others spend time selecting outfits to pair before going to any event.  Then there are those who pay other people to pick out, buy and style their clothes for them.  My big theme with pairing a wardrobe is fit.  Not just with pins and needles, but how well the whole look ‘fits’ together.

Here are a few guys who do just that to a level I wish more of the male population would attempt on a daily basis:

Classics: Timeless staples of men’s fashion, style and masculinity.  Utilizing masculine standards of the time that still have a “before-its-time” androgyny.  I only mention two of the many historical stylized figures, the two that are my favorite!!

                                                         Marlon Brando










James Dean










Popular:  Since sex sells, you can’t help but notice that a lof of the high-commodity celebrity actors have plenty of physical sex appeal.  They obtain a different status when they focus that confidence in way that puts them out there as some sort of authority.  Women swoon over these men, wishing their boyfriends, husbands and friends would dress this way while men look at them with that love/hate adornment.  Here are a few of the popular boys in the industry who always get props for their “sales” appeal.

Ryan Gosling











James Franco


Chris Pine












Andre 3000

Tom Hardy

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Kaney West



High Fashion/Designer:  Some celebrities build their brands in a way that can allow them to expand their operations.  Some get offers to build their own fashion lable while others work on projects with established designers doing endorsements, advertisements or product development.

Ed Westwick

David Beckham

Baptiste Giabiconi

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