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Culture and Style: Wine Etiquette Basics

Great wine etiquette breakdown with easy instructions and beautiful illustrations by blogger/writter Joanna Goddard(*check paragraph below image before you leave!).  These are easy and practical skills that should be known to anyone who needs a quick lecture on the social standards and practices of wine etiquette!


BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!  Let’s talk about personal favorites…Some people are broad enough with what they like that they know they like red or white.  Some people, much like myself, prefer specific wines from specific regions.


What type of wine do you like?


One thought on “Culture and Style: Wine Etiquette Basics

  1. I love Pinot Grigio. It’s a crisp, refreshing white wine that isn’t too sweet like a reisling but isn’t dull and sour like chardonnay. It reminds me a lot of savignon blanc but I like pinot grigio better. The ones from California are especially good!

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