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Architecture: Get Inspired

Architects are similar to fashion designers in many ways both in manner and contextually.  Their job is to create something visibly attractive by shaping form, manipulating materials, and controlling color.  They create art that is made to be worn or to be lived in, and they often take inspiration from many similar outlets.  Nature, sex, culture, music, they all get the “Powerpuff Girls” treatment by these creative professionals, and when it comes to DIY there isn’t a single thing searched for more than altered or reconstructed  clothing or furniture that now provide a new purpose.  Tom Ford, one of America’s most celebrated fashion designers, was not formally trained in fashioned but actually earned his degree in architecture.  But few things in this world are timeless and for the things in the world that do have strict time limitations, a good makeover or evening of redecorating can do worlds of good!  In my opinion, both architecture, decorating and fashion design have one thing in common: simple is standard.







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