Tough Decisions: Men’s Underwear

When one thinks of the men’s fashion industry, the first things I think of are underwear, swimwear, and shoes.  Yes, suits and casual wear get a nod, but every guy wears underwear (or should..), wears swimming trunks and wears shoes.  The men’s underwear industry is quickly becoming the largest in the entire business with multitudes of luxury designers and “at home” designers creating stylish “crotch covers” that often times, leave little (mostly nothing) to the imagination.  And as far as photography goes, the male body has become a subject for intense study among academic photographers and professional photographers.

So what has created such traction for the “wiener wrap”?  Well, first and foremost there is of course the sexualization that is inherent when selling a product that is made to cover something most men don’t want covered in the first place.  If you go online shopping, you’re going to see  a head shot of some crotch cleavage that has a layer of cotton or spandex around it and to some, that’s a big turn on.  Men have started to portray a recent social freedom of having flashy underpants that they like and feel good in and others admire.  There are so many patterns, styles, and prints to choose from that there is no longer an excuse for not having good underwear.  Here are a few brands that I like with a small sample of what their style is.



A brand with the contemporary sexiness with some visual and, dare I say, conservative cuts and forms. They are most well known for their styles of briefs, boxerbriefs, bikinis and thongs.  2xist is becoming the brand with the highest rate of brand recognition in the industry.



Andrew Christian

Andrew is a celebrity in the gay community, developed by his brand’s sex appeal and  his marketing startegy where he pays gorgeous men to strut around and play in them.  He recently used “Nextdoor Studios” male adult porn start Rod Daily in a very forward and provocative marketing campaign.


Rod Daily for Andrew Christian


This Australian brand of underwear has, in my opinion, one of the funnest looks and styles when it comes to underwear to prance around in.  They market themselves as fun, as manly (in a gay way, not the butch way), and as sexy.  They have a very diversified practice, meaning they use many different cuts, prints, shapes and fabrics to use in making their product.



Calvin Klein

The American staple for men’s underwear!  CK really set it off with their iconic and unpresedented underwear campaign featuring the former model, Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) grabbing and tugging at his frocked jumbelies.  The brand has amazing utility and the styles are equal to none.

Marky Mark


C-IN2 has a rugged image that they market as young and sexy.  Their style is great and they have wide recognition of having go-to underwear for those who are picky about color of your very small briefs, which is their main style.





This brand does it right, incorporating smaller cuts and adding great color to their styles.  Diesel is most well known for their briefs and their boxer briefs, but they also make well “equipped” thongs as well.


Empirio Armani

The menswear designers Armani have developed a new community in this company devoted just to designing men’s underwear.  Their marketing is always on point and they use black and white composition to bring an intimate and romantic maturity rather than selling strictly of sex.  And of course, Armani scored David Beckham as a model!  His crotch shot was put on so many billboards…


Christiano Ronaldo, later replaces David Beckham.

Pierre Fitch

Ever heard of Pierre Fitch?  He’s a gay adult film star, a Canadian, and a DJ with a young handsome face!  He has started his own line of underwear, Pierre Wear.  It just launched last month so he is still getting the production line in order, but this could be a successful project if he markets it right!





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