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Online Window Shopping Journal 12/4/2012 (Urban Outfitters)

I can’t possibly be the only person who goes window shopping online!  Holiday gift blogging can completely change your Christmas (birthday, holiday, etc..) experience if you use social media by informing those who might be interested in looking for something to get you for the holidays without being annoying those you communicate less with.  The socks and the scarf are the only things I would put up for my friends and family to see as something I definitely wanted.  I wouldn’t post sweaters, shirts, or shoes because sizing is different everywhere you look.  I love jewelry, but I would never recommend anyone posting about jewelry because of how intense an expense it can be, it isn’t a safe topic for discussion on facebook.  Now, retailers and designers are increasing their exposure with online retail because they can see the extreme impact social media and online marketing have on the retail industry and internet commerce.


The Christmas Cat sweater is a given.  It is the perfect holiday sweater.  The socks, I mean, seriously the socks are a must.  Same goes for the scarf.  And the shirt is one of the most entertaining button up shirts I have seen in a while.  The backpack looks like a bag I have always wanted.







Images of all my wishlist items are (c) Urban Outfitters.


Where do you do all of your online shopping?


One thought on “Online Window Shopping Journal 12/4/2012 (Urban Outfitters)

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