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5 Most Gorgeous Guys on TV

I do most of my tv watching via sites like netflix and hulu because I don’t have, nor do I want, cable.  I can pick out exactly what I want to watch when I want to watch it and through it, I have been fortunate to come across a lot of great shows lately!  Not only are the stories and the production entertaining, but they have had some real success with a couple of the casting options!  If you haven’t been keeping up lately, here’s some gorgeous breakout guys to talk about.

Max Greenfield (from FOX’s “New Girl”)

Max has appeared on a few major ratings shows over the past decade but he has really become a scene steeler as “Schmidt” on FOX’s show ‘New Girl’ featuring Zooey Deschanel.  The show is now on their second season with plenty of award nominations coming in and it has become a favorite of mine.

Max Greenfield, New Girl, Fox, Max Greenfield, New Girl, Fox Max Greenfield, Fox, New Girl

Stephen Amell (from CW’s ‘Arrow’)

I started this list with the intention of not having a favorite…and I failed.  CW has been top notch with their productions and this new show ‘Arrow’ is AMAZING and the lead, Stephen Amell, is HOT. GORGEOUS. He has appeared many times on some great tv shows over the years including ‘Queer as Folk’, ‘CSI: MIAMI’, ‘Vampire Diaries’, ‘CSI’, ‘90210’, ‘Hung’, ‘New Girl’, ‘Private Practice’ and ‘Heartland’ just to mention a few.  He’s been everywhere!  ‘Arrow’ has been getting a lot of attention and may get some real acknowledgment for being a rookie show with a great first impression with CW’s viewer base.  If you haven’t seen it you are missing out on high quality Canadian eye candy. He has the most darling pout.

Stephen Amell, CW, Arrow, Hot Guys

Stephen Amell, CW, Arrow, Hot Guys

Stephen Amell, CW, Arrow, Hot Guys

Joshua Bowman (from ABC’s “Revenge”)

I love it when I find out a gorgeous guy who makes an incredible actor on TV is British!  Watching ABC’s Show ‘RevengeI wouldn’t have guessed it but Joshua Bowman leaves many surprises while playing his character “Daniel Grayson” on what has become my favorite show.  This is the show I have been recomending to all of my friends to watch because of how great the story and the plot twists are, the amazing casting, and all the qualities that made ‘Gossip Girl’ and every spy thrillers so popular.  It has money, sex, and plenty of excitement watching the art of revenge take shape.

Josh plays the ambitious son of the wealthy antagonists, The Graysons, who are masters at getting what they want until they finally cross the line between self preservation and crowd stepping.  I’m not familiar with many of the other roles his IMDB page mentions, but he has become one of the break out stars of this show if you ask me.  So far, the second season has been amazing!

Joshua Bowman, ABC, Revenge, Hot Guys

Joshua Bowman, ABC, Revenge, Hot Guys

Joshua Bowman, ABC, Revenge, Hot Guys


Justin Bartha (from NBC’s ‘The New Normal’)

Remember that assistant from those not-so-great ‘National Treasure’ movies?  What about Doug from ‘The Hangover’ Parts 1& 2?  Well, now Justin Bartha is portraying a gay man on Ryan Murphy’s new hit show ‘The New Normal’ featuring NeNe Leaks (‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’) and Andrew Rannells (an original cast member of “The Book of Mormon”).  It is a great, touching show with gay-man comedy and a new look into the future of the American Family.  Yes, ‘Modern Family’ is crushing everyone in the ratings right now but this show is just too good not to be familiar with it, at least for fellow gay men.  He’s probably the oldest guy on this list, but I have a soft spot for sweet guys.

Justin Bartha, The New Normal, NBC



Matt Lanter (from CW’s “90210”)

After being a recurring character in the first two seasons of CW’s ‘90210’, Matt Lanter earned himself a write on as a main character and has stayed one of the young beaus on one of CW’s most popular shows.  For having a pretty modest career prior to his inception into the ‘Beverly Hills’ spinoff, he has become a very consistent entertainer and plays well off his style and looks.
Matt Lanter, CW, 90210, Hot Guys

Matt Lanter, CW, 90210, Hot Guys

Matt Lanter, Matt Lanter Shirtless, CW, 90210, Hot Guys



3 thoughts on “5 Most Gorgeous Guys on TV

  1. I am SO going to start checking out these shows! My Charter bundle is becoming ‘un’ this week… now, I can actually watch a few series( network shows make me want to vomit) instead of always watching bad B – horror movies on NETFLIX! I will miss the fabulous acting talents of Kay Lenz & Christopher Atkins, so I will have to mix it up.

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