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Details Magazine’s Guide to Suits

Of all the major men’s magazines that I read where the models are mostly clothed, Details remains my favorite for a few conventional reasons.  I really like their editorial team and the subjects they cover in the publication, and they give some of the best content with their online presence.  That same editorial team put together a complete guide for the man’s man who knows little to nothing about choosing, altering, and wearing a suit.  I’m one of those guys, I am lost to getting the fit right when trying them on but where I am weak there, I am much better at finding pieces, choosing fabrics, and picking out accessories for a suit!

Check out some of the street style and Brasharian shot styled outfits, then go straight to the Details site here for the Guide to Suits!



2 thoughts on “Details Magazine’s Guide to Suits

  1. DETAILS is my favorite men’s magazine. Great merchandise, and I especially like the editing of the articles. Quick, interesting & no having to ‘turn to page 247.’ Great magazine.

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