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Chinos and Chukkas

Male Fashion, Men's Fashion, menswear

Men’s Gap Holiday Look.


One thought on “Chinos and Chukkas

  1. I’ve always loved this look. Through the years, it’s always been a ‘go to’ classic for me. The cuffing trend is a ebb & flow, especially w/ cords. Not an enormous fan, & NEVER with wide-wale’s. Cuffing is something I will do w/ jeans, or my summertime Daisy Dukes!

    I’ve worn some form of a Chukka/ Clark’s/ J. Crew/ RL/ TH boot, since gestation. I’m also a HUGE fan of Blundstone Boots, but be warned: the soles will often ‘dry rot’, much like my last date. Seriously, the uppers on one of my pairs of boots look almost new, but the rubber sole is totally gone. The gent’s @ Sarge’s (best shoe & leather repair in town) informed me that repairing them would be virtually impossible, and MAJOR $$$.

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