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buzzfeed: guys who look better in suits

A suit brings to men the same qualities and characteristics as a dress brings a woman.  They’re best when left simple, tailored to fit, color works, and accessorize minimally.  It can be some real work to get a suite that really steps up a guy’s game.  While I will typically avoid comparing us every-day men with the resourcefulness and means of male celebrities, it is good to do our research and see what it takes to really perfect a look.  All the little things matter…body size, head shape, shoulders, and age have everything to do with finding and producing an excellent look!  Follow the link here to see Buzzfeed’s 15 men who look best in suits.  My favorites from the list include my number one famous boyfriend, Joseph Gordon Levitt, the lady killer Ryan Gosling, the once famous Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, and my gay power love James Franco.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Men's Fashion Blog

Ryan Gosling, Men's Fashion Blog

James Franco, Men's Fashion Blog, Suit


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