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justin timberlake: back again

I didn’t like Justin Timberlake originally.  I didn’t like N Sync.  I was more of a Backstreet Boys fan.  Fast forward to 2006 with JT’s album ‘FutureSex LoveSounds’, exactly what I needed to hear to fall in love with him!  He’s met my expectations as an actor with some really good productions on his IMDB page.

Justin Timberlake, JT

Have you heard he is coming back with a new album?  It’s going to be called ‘The 20/20 Experience’ and his first song, ‘I’m Ready’ already has a music video behind it and his latest track with long time friend Jay Z, ‘Suite and Tie’ (video with lyrics is in the link below) and I can’t wait to start hearing all of his new songs while I’m out dancing!

Justin Timberlake: “Suit and Tie” ft. Jay Z


2 thoughts on “justin timberlake: back again

  1. JT rocks my world. He’s really, really good @ everything he does. The first time I saw ‘NYSYC perform, it was SO obvious that he would be the break-out star. He is talented & business savvy… the only way to have a career w/ any longevity.

    His real clothing line ( not the one for Target) is fantastic! After Bullhead, & 7s, William Rast make great denim/ jeans for men. The WR line is splendid.

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