yoko ono’s “fashions for men”

A lot is being said about Yoko Ono’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony’s new collection.  It’s a story that has been on a couple of my favorite places to hit up for a good read this morning.  The collection will be comprised of clothes, accessories, art as well as a book and art which is based off a gift called “Fashions for Men” Ono gave Lennon on their wedding day in ’69.  I read here on Vman that the inspiration for the collection was based off how much Ono loved Lennon’s “hot bod.”  I will admit that with the inspiration of the looks being based off Lennon’s body and the 60’s, well I get it!  I love some of the pants, I think they’re cute and I might would wear them out!  I’d wear them to the club,  the grocery store, maybe even just to the bar to get a drink.  Some of the other pieces…like I say, I get where she is coming from but they’re not my taste.  Doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re awesome to look at!  However, I hate ‘the 3rd grade school pictures’ background…

*photo credit: Opening Ceremony*

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5 thoughts on “yoko ono’s “fashions for men”

  1. Oh, no… it’s Yoko. Regardless of the 3rd grade picture background, these ‘fashions’ are hilarious! They can truly OHNLY be worn to events that are ‘fabulous.’ Very European.

    Can you imagine popping into The Beacon, or even The Piedmont Club, sporting the black tube top w/ the puff balls, strategically placed over the nip-nips?!?!

    I will often push the envelope a bit, & ‘folks’ around here look @ me like I’m from Mars… or, perhaps, Cowpens.

    But, hats off to Yoko. She’s a serious, passionate, creative being… she will never stop creating. I respect that. As well as her creativity, one of her most important ‘soul mates’ this time around, is still so present in everything she does.

    I get that.

  2. Intriguing set of outfits… I guess they are more of a presentation of clothes rather than anything practical (or at least I hope so, otherwise I am WAY out of touch with fashion!!!)

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