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accessorize with: marwood ties

I was doing some web browsing and strolled across some of the cutest ties I think I have ever seen!   One of my favorite British Men’s Fashion Magazines had a great spread and story about an accessories design label called Marwood.  They make beautiful hand assembled ties and bow ties (some scarves as well) using beautiful patterns and amazing fabrics.  The A/W 11 season used fine English lace and silk and the final pieces are gorgeous with a subtle feel of androgyny.  By the look so of them, anyone could look good in them!

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The most recent season stays true to that same style, but incorporates some more bold color tones and multi-patterned construction. As I look at them, I begin thinking of all the great styles and different colored shirts that these would look good on.

marwood ties, men's tie, men's fashion blog marwood ties, men's ties, men's fashion blog men's ties, marwood ties, men's fashion blog marwood ties, men's ties, men's fashion blogI’m all for the colors.  I’m in love with the fact they make pre-knotted and hand tie bow ties while paying attention to matching the fabrics with the right styles.  The British are experts at dapper everything while all the time keeping things new and young.


2 thoughts on “accessorize with: marwood ties

  1. I LOVE these!!! The bow ties, although pre-tied, are my favorites, of course. In addition to that, the way they have the neck ties styled… I’m SO stealing that for the few men’s ties we have in the boutique.

    You are on FIRE w/ your material & formatting. Great job!

  2. I actually have some of my father’s vintage 50s ties, from wonderful, old & primarily defunct men’s stores in Atlanta.

    I need to start wearing them again.

    OK. That’s all.

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