james franco: interior. leather bar

Interior Leather Bar, James Franco, Sundance

Reviews for James Franco’s new queer-art project (gay man or gay fan?) “Interior. Leather. Bar.” have been consistently disappointing.  I normally do not read tabloid publications but this is a project I have been following for a while because one of my top 5 favorite boyfriends, James Franco, is the creator.  Sundance attendees such as Variety say that Franco is just preying on themes from gay culture to keep himself relevant with and attractive to the trendy queers (who, as we all know, contribute CONSIDERABLY to pop culture), an audience base he has really…marketed to.  Then you have The Hollywood Reporter saying that the doc/narrative excerpt-recreation over sales and under performs.

I’m not going to form my opinion of it based off tabloid publications (I don’t normally read them but they were the only ones with much to say about this project), but I’m glad I found them to see how the cast/crew and the audiences are reacting.  I’ve been following the project online for months and can’t wait to get a chance to watch it.  I’ve seen a few of Franco’s prior short films (VIDEO BELOW)…some a little avant garde, others a little bit more unpleasant.

Interior Leather Bar, James Franco, Sundance

I have loved my curly-headed midnight toker for years; ever since I first saw him  in “Freaks and Geeks” and “Spiderman”, I knew he would become a very popular celebrity.  He’s an Aries/Taurus cusp like me (we share the same birthday ^_^) and he shows all the characteristics: assertiveness, stylishness, highly strategic, dominant personality, and consciously confident.  Being a fellow cuspian, I  know that all of these qualities does not make Franco (or I) perfect.  I will admit that I no longer have the high expectations I once did for this, but hopefully it will have some quality scenes that will be enjoyable.

Franco is one of the most pleasant faces in the gay community: he’s so supportive and is genuinely passionate about exploring the lifestyles and cultures of the gay society (because he’s a little gay, too.  Most straight men are).  I have always enjoyed seeing him act (well, not always.  He’s had a few stinkers, too) and I think he is self compelled to do things a little on the slightly off but always fun Warhol side. I do wonder how far he is wanting to explore just in the visceral/sexual contexts without exploring more of our other qualities and lifestyles.  Will he stick strictly to gay orgy wiener play or will he one day transition to some work that would cast more attention towards gay men as living, normal people rather than just performers of lust.  If need be, I’ll help Franco-Poo method act for the part in his next project.



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