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brown and blue



This coffee mug is straight out of the 80’s and I love it.  My aunt gave it to me; it was a relic of hers and she passed it on to me after I got my first apartment this past year.  For those who are not as familiar with little pocket dogs, this is a Pomeranian.  I’m a child of the south, so I have always had dogs and a large majority of them have been lap puppies.  My aunt shares the same affection for hounds as I do and I fell in love with this mug!  I plan to use it in quite a few of the pictures I put up from now on, including the new style features I’m going to be doing.

I’m in love with how things are progressing right now in my life.  I have the privilege of having two jobs on top of my blogging and jewelry making and I feel my reaction from people has been great.  People sound excited to talk to me, to hear about my ideas, to see things I find interesting.  I have a great boyfriend who is supportive of me and is always wanting to help and make sure I’m okay.  I’m lucky to have a loving mom and caring family.

Looking forward to the rest of 2013.


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