arrow: “burned” recap

I know I’m late on talking a bit about this new episode, but I’ve had to wait for hulu!  However, I was so excited when I got to watch it!  I was getting worried: CW’s new show “Arrow” didn’t have a single episode for almost a month and I was starting to fear a mid-season cancellation!  I didn’t understand it…all of the other people I know who have seen the show love it and I was under the impression it had been doing very well in the ratings.  Well, all fear was set aside!  Hulu had the new episode, “Burned”, up so after a sigh of relief, I got caught up!

Oliver Queen, Arrow, Stephen Amell

I love this show.  The star, Stephen Amell, is gorgeous and very talented at playing his character Oliver Queen, who you could call Bruce Wayne’s more attractive but just as rich double.  He’s been a guest star in dozens of popular shows and I have no doubts why.

The new episode picked up from Oliver’s ass beating that was given to him by a new hooded archer.  After staying out of sight for a few weeks (quite literally), he is still a little shaken over that confrontation with someone who so much in common with.  The situational story for this episode involved not the typical rich-con man villain, but a scarred former fire-fighter who starts going after former coworkers who he thought left him in a building and setting them on fire to burn to death.  I kept thinking, “What an awful way to die.”  In the end, the development of this story was kind of boring and was a little too “CSI” for my taste.  In the end, the scarred fire fighter crashes a party Oliver is throwing for the Fire Fighter’s charity and goes after his former chief.  Arrow stops him from killing the chief, but the firefighter ends up…setting himself on fire…?

Oliver Queen, Arrow, Stephen Amell

The season-based story was a lot more interesting; Moira, Oliver’s mother, is forced to step up as CEO of their company after her conspiring with fellow crazy rich guy, Malcom, to kidnap her husband.  This character, Moira, reminds me so much of the less diluted Victoria Grayson from ABC’s “Revenge” in that they have sold their happiness for money and authority.  Anyways, she continues to find ways to sabotage herself against her allies as well as her family.   The rest of the story lines (Oliver’s Friend/Malcom’s son, Oliver’s ex, even anything regarding Oliver’s time spent on the island) was left rather empty and a little underwhelming.  But some episodes are just like that.

What does a hero have to do to be considered a hero rather than a vigilante?


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