french made hats: larose

larose french hats, men's hats

I have a big head, anatomically speaking.  I envy the young men out there who can rock a ball cap, a snap back, a flat brim, all those hats that on the other hand, look so sad and bored on my head.  My skull looks exaggerated and my hair peaks out in unflattering ways.  It’s a shame, hats can do so much to change an outfit.  Something about head wear can really influence an atmosphere and attitude of who is wearing it.  Male or female!

As much as I like hats, I’m picky about them (as I am EVERYTHING else).  I was fooling around online and came across a French hat design brand called LAROSE.  They’re brilliant.

larose french hats, men's hats


larose french hats, men's hats

These hats, unlike others I’ve seen, have visible construction patterns which make the entire style and fit of the hat identifiable.  The fabrics (all beautiful, by the way) are selectively chosen to be used in their line and honor that cohesion you want to see in a quality accessories line. The short bill, rarely seen and stylish when paired correctly, is an immediate eye-catching feature that can really dress up most people’s traditional opinion of, specifically, men’s hats.  These hats are not age specific.  While I see a variety of young men and older men being able to incorporate Larose hats into one or more of their favorite ensembles, I see the same to true with younger and older women.  The only difference may be the occasion in which men and women will choose to wear Larose hats.  The trend of “quality” products” is still in ascension; those who love and respect hats will end up finding at least one that they just have to get!  They have versatility, they have attitude, they have excellent craftsmanship and I don’t think it gets any better than that.

larose french hats, men's hats


larose french hats, men's hats


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