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joshua tree 1951: james dean biopic

Everyone who considers themselves a movie lover is familiar with at least one of the classic Hollywood icons, if not an all out fan.  People have their preferences, no doubt, regarding presence, prestige, and level of posh.  Yes, they’re the classic icons because of their marketable and novel use of sexuality.  Some people like Audrey, others like Marilyn.  Similarly, you have your people who like Brando and others (like me) who love Dean.

James dean

Yes, James Dean.  What did he not make look sexy?  White shirts.  Motorcycles.  Cigarettes and my favorite, man love!  I google James Dean often so I’m always finding something new someone has done inspired by or left by him.  My favorite things to read are stories of what he was like and what his hobbies were.  There’s always been rumors that the man named after meat (Jimmy Dean) (no gay pun intended) liked a little meat of his own.  I once read that his fatal car crash in his legendary Porsche around the release of Rebel Without A Cause was caused because he was getting road-head from his mechanic, Rolf Wuetherich.  That’s not something I believe, but I’m just illustrating the degree of speculation there is about the young man who has been described as the personification of youth rebellion many times over the years.

This trailer is writer/director Matthew Mishory’s view of who James Dean was.  It came out last year in May and I can’t find it on Netflix, so I’m going to have to find it on ebay or amazon.


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