revenge: collusion

Being up front and honest from the beginning; this season is not as good as the first season.  The first season was simple: Emily (the real Amanda) had a selective group of people who she wanted to take down because of their involvement in framing her father.  I haven’t seen the group pictures or the little red marker she used to X out those she had targeted all season.

While I don’t like it as much as last season, the show is still amazing.  It’s transitioning a lot from vacationing Hamptons socialites to willy and paranoid resourceful people in the business world.  Things are coming together in a way that walks that line of cliche while still keeping the story together.  There is still that sycophantic wooing Emily must do to still capture and expect respect as well as power over the Graysons whenever possible, especially through their first born and new nemesis, Daniel Grayson – Emily’s ex fiance.

Revenge, ABC, Episode, Collusion

The story is now set up where all parties involved, Emily and the Graysons included, are desperate to not only undermine the Initiative (a secret group of wealthy investors interested at doing anything to make a profit, even killing people) and stop their plans for mass catastrophe.  The latest episode explains that while the Initiative is forcing Daniel Grayson to purchase a disaster relief company (a connection Emily and Aiden need to get closer to infiltrating the ranks at the Initiative) with the premise leading us to believe that they have Padma, the current CFO for Nolan’s tech company, NOLCORP, looking for Nolan’s disaster program “Carrion” to cause a catastrophe in a major city and profit from the recovery by their newly owned disaster relief company.

Revenge, ABC, Episode, Collusion

The subject of Emily’s retribution with the Graysons and the others who benefited from her father’s wrongful prosecution has been put on hold.  Aiden has taken up a lot of screen time with his mission to find his kidnapped sister, who we are lead to believe is a junky prostitute  (or something) who OD’d, which is all good, but I watch the show to see Emily.  And even now, Emily has saved Victoria from being ‘bin laden’d’ by Aiden.  I’m confused how in the grand scheme of Emily’s goals…why Victoria is better to her alive than dead?  I love the intelligence put into this show, the type of methodical strategy each character puts into getting what they want, usually involving what they want other people to do for them.

Revenge, ABC, Episode, Collusion

Some last thoughts:

  • Ashely has returned from Bitch University where Victoria is an alumni in their Strategic Manipulation and Sabotage program. She’s gotten smart, but I don’t see her ever being a problem for anyone.  She’s ambitious, obviously, but even with that MFA I just don’t think she’s smart enough to compete with all the other players trying to get what they want.
  • The writers seemed confused about what to do with Conrad and Victoria.  They’ve been kept as allies to help protect Daniel, but they double cross each other enough to run down the candle wick, especially since Victoria has reached out to Emily and their cooperation is less than hospitable.
  • I’m bored with Jack and Declan’s bar drama.  Their dad’s friend killed some other guy’s dad and now the orphaned boys want money and (you guessed it) revenge.  Got it, but it’s kind of like a story about really awkward roommate drama.  Hope something spices up a bit with this story (kill someone, maybe have more shirtless guys? duh..)
  • I say take a few more “Sex in the City” camera shots for all the women.  The costumes and clothes are great, but they don’t get shown off very well.

2 thoughts on “revenge: collusion

  1. Is it really worth watching? Some of it seems intriguing… other elements seem like a new ‘Dallas’, or ‘Dynasty.’

    You weren’t even born when these shows were appointment television.

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