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online shopping journal: 21 men

Have you been keeping up with my online shopping journals?  I’ve done Macy’s and Etsy, But I’m going to do something a little different.  I kinda wanted to pick out like, half a new wardrobe out of the recent arrivals at 21 men (Forever 21’s ambitious little brother store) so I looked for pieces I could mix and match and do new stuff with all the time.

To start off, I love what I found at 21men.  I only searched through their new arrivals, to keep the spectrum of selections minimal.  They have beautiful pieces for men with a wonderful price for seasonal clothing and maybe just to add some imitation vintage.  What I did not find was…

  • Shoes.  Very unimpressed with 21 men’s shoe game. But, I am a bit picky.
  • Jewelry.  They have some semi cute wrist watches, but none of the stuff I love (wait till you see the jewelry from my next e-tailing profile!)
  • Shorts.  I found some pants I liked (on the OFF occasion I were to buy pants online) but not a single pair of shorts.  Most of the options were athletic shorts and I would wear them, but I wanted to keep to a simple selection.


I found 2 simple graphic shirts for days where a basic color shirt has other things to do.  Considering I’m looking at purchasing (hypothetically speaking) half a new wardrobe, I would like to have some color-block basics, but I would also like a graphic shirt or two to switch things up a bit on the off occasion.




I found a shirt with two fabrications (I’m a sucker) and saw this denim vest and thought that the three different fabrics would blend so well together.  It’s definitely a theme look (a little “Brokeback” but you’ll still get noticed) with the plaid and the denim but dressing up the vest with the shirt…things could happen!  But here is one of the problems with shopping online…you can’t interact with the clothes to test them out 😦

21men5 21men10



The collar on this button up shirt is one of those little details, those little characteristics that say so much about the person wearing it.  I never see shirt collars like this and I can honestly say I am in love.  I matched it with the cute cardigan because A: I’m a cardigan guy…I have like, 9 and B: The low collar on the sweater would show off the shirt collar and the color-block tie.  The belt just contributes to the same blending with the tie.

21men14 21men4 21men3 21men1



I found a classic white button up shirt and decided to do one last look for winter.  I found this black jacket matched a sweater to the one the model is wearing under it.  I liked this brown jacket I found and figured it could make a good alternative.  The bag is just, well, I love it.  Beautiful color, great shape, as long as it is double strapped then I would be happy!

21men113 21men8 21men7 21men6 21men2



As mentioned at the top of this post, I found no shorts in the new arrivals at 21 men to start off spring showers.  The pants here, I feel would be pairs that could transition well and also match with things I already have.

21men11 21men13

So how much would this wardrobe cost me?

$384.00  That’s not that much for getting a bunch of clothes for one season that you may keep for 3 or so years. That’s not bad at all.  If I were seriously considering checking these out, I’d probably dump the brown jacket and the “political party” shirt.


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