valentine’s day diy gifts

So I’ve been doing some Valentines Day planning and I’ve been left a little on the broke side this year because of all the stress from Christmas.  Not that I normally celebrate V Day, but this year is special because my boyfriend and I are going to this great event and figured we’d make it out Valentine’s Day activities.  I wanted to share the blogging community a small excerpt of some amazing DIY gift ideas (because even though I love clothes and shopping, some gifts are best if made out of love) that I picked out from youtube’s brightest!

This is a great tutorial for making a handmade bracelet for your boyfriend.  Best thing is that you could use this tutorial to make these track bracelets with different materials.

Why buy someone else’s packaged made chocolate when you can make your own heart shaped chocolate chip cookies 🙂

Great gift ideas for any guy!  You can apply the same methods to other materials around the house!

Long video for what it is – great concept if you have an old or ill-fitting dress shirt (or that shirt your boyfriend has that you’ve been wanting to toss away without them being any the wiser) as a wine or champagne gift bag 🙂


Please add anymore DIY gift tutorials in the comments below!



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