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jonty hurwitz: bridging science and art

Jonty Hurwitz, Anamorphic Art, Sculptures

The Cult of Youthfulness
photo credit: photo credit: Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotto

Jonty Hurwitz is in a state of disbelief after his new anamorphic collection of art, “Generation Pi”  has gone viral.  It’s not hard to believe the success of this viral phenomenon; the work from this collection has the unique quality of requiring the audience to interact with his sculptures by using elongated or exaggerated models made from many months of mathematical equations and algorithmic calculations and then comparing the models to their distorted reflection found in a cylindrical mirror.  What makes this interaction special for the audience is the personality and life found in the reflections of these dynamic, seemingly abstract, objects.

“I try to create at least two absolute realities in each of my works.” – Jonty Hurwitz

As a native of South Africa, Jonty  earned a BSc in electrical engineering and became a successful software developer and an expert business/technology consultant.  If you have ever heard about the myth of the left brain or right brain being more dominant than the other, treat it as a myth.  In my correspondence with Jonty, we shared this unspoken agreement that there are more mutual-brained/whole-brained people like us out there (and he actually has a piece called Left Brain vs. Right Brain)!  Jonty has been working since 1998 (according to his CV) mostly with technology, finance and marketing companies as a programmer, inventor and in executive management.  He made the transition to the art world by showcasing at a gallery in Maidstone, UK in 2009 while at the same time earning new publishing credentials and awards in business.  While Jonty refers to these people who are equally influenced by science and art as ‘Scarts’, I’ve been calling them ‘Scientartists’ for years.  When I asked Jonty who the #1 person he’d like to get a compliment about his art from, he, of course, said Einstein would be the person not only because he is a legendary scientist, but also for his love and admiration for the arts and passion for creativity.

Jonty Hurwitz, Anamorphic Art, Sculptures

Yogi Banker
photo credit: Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotto

All of the anamorphic pieces from “Generation Pi” have a goal for the audience which is to simultaneously acknowledge that they are starring literary into space and time.  Many academic departments at colleges and universities will find something familiar and worth studying in these sculptures due to the influence of physics, cognitive psychology, philosophy and technology identifiable in pieces like Hurwitz Singularity and Cult of Youthfulness.    

Inspiration is an independent characteristic unique to every individual, making the concept of “inspiration” very complex to study and understand.  The subject of inspiration for Jonty’s “Generation Pi” collection stems from a fascination with longevity.  The world of technology can be a lot like the world of fashion: you can do something great today but it will probably be irrelevant and passe in a few years.  While technology has a short life span between new versions, software updates, and competitor systems, Jonty now has something people can enjoy for a much longer period of time.

Jonty Hurwitz

Jonty Hurwitz

Jonty has the privilege of creativity, intelligence and expression.  In my interview with him, he said that if Einstein were alive and sent him an email praising his work, it would be the best compliment he could receive.  Einstein was a bit of a ‘scart’ as well, being almost equally passionate about the innovation of science and logic as he was creativity and spirituality.  Jonty is going to be exhibiting at Kinetica Art Fair in London between February 28th to March 3rd.  If I didn’t live a pond away, I would love to attend one of the days to see his work up and watch as people experience it for the first time!  If you’re a fan of Jonty and get to meet him, he confessed to me that he enjoys camp fires in late spring under a full moon with guitar music.

Jonty Hurwitz, Anamorphic Art, Sculpture

Left Brain vs Right Brain
photo credit: Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotto

Jonty is well kept up to date with his social networking!  Be sure to keep up on all his accounts and follow the growth of this artist!





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