arrow: “vertigo” recap

Yes, I know.  I skipped the last episode, “Trust but Verify” but it was a boring episode anyways.  At the end of the episode, Thea (who I don’t like…) is given a new designer drug for her birthday called Vertigo.  She takes it, ditches her party and gets in a car crash that lands her in the hospital.

Arrow, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Vertigo

The opening of the episode has the Queens in court, where the judge is choosing to be rough on Thea due to the widespread popularity of the drug by using her as a martyr.  Her brother, Oliver, get’s Laural’s dad (the police Sgt.) to persuade the judge to go easy so that she only has to do probation and be supervised, but the spoiled little brat can’t do that; she wants to go to jail just to make her mom sad (okay, can you see why I don’t like her?).  Everything else involving her in this episode is the same as the others – she appears to be happy and content with everyone but by the next episode she will get p-o’d about something else and hate everyone once again.

Oliver, ‘The Hood’, wants to get whoever is selling Vertigo because if he gets the guy, his sister won’t have to take the fall.  The seller, who they call The Count,  is a little weirdo who probably has an MS in chemistry and no friends because of how weird he is.  If you have ever seen “Grandma’s Boy”, think of the video game weirdo but cracked out.  Oliver meets with The Count through his Russian mobster connection to ‘The Brothel’, ANOTHER secret society within the Starling City.  The meeting, where Oliver pretends to buy drugs, gets scratched by the cops who  blow the whole thing.  Oliver has to chase The Count down the parking garage where the count injects him with a concentrated dose of Vertigo, which is supposed to be fatal (??).  The whole scene looked like it was shot the same time a scene from “The Dark Knight” was because of all the sepia toned action scenes.  Coincidentally, I read a review at the LA times that the guy who played The Count drew inspiration from Heath Ledger’s ‘The Joker’.   To him, I say: “Uhm, no.  You cannot just do that.  Your acting is completely different.  You were just weird.”

Arrow, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Vertigo

After this attempt, Oliver hunts down The Count to his drug lab and of course, The Hood comes in punching people in the throat and kicking them in the face.  He takes out all of the goons (lots of goons) then circles in on The Count where he The Hood is threatening to inject The Count with his own concentrated supply of Vertigo.  Like the first time, the cops come in to steal the show and there’s like, 30 of them in this room with Oliver and the weirdo drug manufacturer telling The Hood not to do it.  So he backs out and runs away.  Even though he is wanted by the police and there were about 15 cops right in front of them with their guns drawn that could have chased him, but they didn’t.  There were 15 guys and nobody went after him!

Arrow, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Vertigo

Arrow, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Vertigo

The end of the episode shows Oliver talking to this pseudo-sexy geeky blond I.T. girl who works for his family’s company.  This girl has a huge crush on Oliver (SO DO I) and is his go-to girl for finding out things that involve more than the internet.  She gives him a small book, exactly similar to his Burn Book of people his dad told him were awful people, and says that his step dad secretly took it from Oliver’s mother because he thought she was hiding things.

And hiding things she is.

I’m still trying to understand Oliver’s flashbacks from the island.  While in this episode, there were more prevalent and progressive, I’m still lost (speaking of LOST….).  It’s interesting, but not explaining much at all and that is frustrating.

Arrow, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Vertigo

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3 thoughts on “arrow: “vertigo” recap

  1. I don’t watch anything on the CW network. I used to be a fan of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but when the guys on the show weren’t shirtless as much, click!

    I honestly rely on my Blu-ray player/ NETFLIX & Hulu + for my viewing pleasure.

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