revenge: “union” recap

If you read what I wrote about the “Collusion” episode then I take back what I said about this season not being as exciting as the first season.  There was so much that happened!  Here’s a character-centered review of what happened:

The Real Amanda:

There is so much going on in the show right now, the next episode should be called “Cluttered”.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting but it is a lot to keep up with.  All the plotting the writers have Amanda doing constantly involve the entire cast in these communal melees.  Because of this, there really isn’t much in this episode about Amanda.  Aiden’s sister is dead and Nolan was able to figure out that the recording Crowley had was dated six years prior so whatever type of relationship it is that Amanda and Aiden have, it is so up and down and melodramatic.  She attends Jack and fake Amanda’s wedding (I don’t like fake Amanda) as the maid of honor and it’s cool because the opening scene of this episode was a childhood play wedding (hence the title, “Union”).  The ONE real thing that came through with Amanda in this episode is her reaction when Aiden accused her of not having real feelings.



Gay, straight, whatever this guy is, the produces have really polished his costuming compared to the nerdy nouveau riche outfits he was donning in the first season.  He’s looking so good that I’ll let slide the fact that I don’t think he had even ONE costume change the whole episode.  Unfortunately, the character may be paying too much attention to check that his socks match his underwear… He seemed excited about the real Amanda’s mission in the first season and now that he finally has a chance to start doing his own scheming, he chokes.  He is on to Padma; knowing that she is aware that his Carrion program exists, when no one should, and that she is trying to take it and give to her hostage takers at the hush-hush society, The Initiative.  Apparently, the organization that is responsible for real-Amanda’s father’s fate has kidnapped Padma’s father and is forcing her to carry out certain required duties.  Namely, getting close to Nolan and snatching the Carrion program.  Nolan, however (and I may be too quick to judge), confronts Padma and shares how on to her he is and what he knows about what she has been snooping around for.  She confesses to Nolan about her father’s abduction and he seems to understand, sympathize and comfort.  I’m excited to see how this situation unfolds…is Nolan playing Padma?  The audience can tell that Padma is being forced against her will, but I’m not giving up the notion that it is going to turn around and “Boo! Shocker! Plot twist!”  Just like that, Padma has Nolan by the balls in one hand and the mass catastrophe program, Carrion, in the other.

The Graysons:


Daniel didn’t fall far from the Grayson tree.  His cooperation with The Initiative is beginning to look pretty similar to the events that preceded those of David Clark’s setup.  Helen Crowley, the face of The Initiative, orders gorgeous CEO Daniel to make his company, Grayson Global, purchase other companies for The Initiative.  While on the phone with Crowley, Victoria hears her son questioning the motives of purchasing these companies, but Crowley upper-hands him and forces him anyways.  Victoria decides to confront Conrad about the David Clark case.  It is looking like if The Initiative follows through with their plans, Daniel will end up being the scapegoat, ultimately dooming him.  Conrad, still working with that opportunist hoe-bag Ashley Davenport, is still looking at a political run for office in New York and has all but exiled his own son from his life.  He is, however busy…talking to the Ryan brothers about re-developing the pier to be a less small-business friendly environment.  Towards the end of the episode, Crowley, with her audio/video surveillance tap in Daniel’s office, witnesses Victoria spilling the beans to Daniel about not obeying the orders of Crowley.


Uh oh…Crowley watches this on her iPad with with someone I speculate to be one of her superiors on the phone.  She tells this person she will “take care of it” or “handle it” or whatever popular antagonistic cliche the writers used.  Crowley shows up at the Grayson home to surprise Victoria who is alone.  Crowley threatens Victoria; saying she will have her son killed immediately if she doesn’t give Crowley the evidence against The Initiative.  She follows Victoria into the guest house where Victoria sets Crowley up and shoots her.



-Daniel breaks up with Amanda just before his mom kills Crowley.

-Crowley may be a crazy woman but she is such a fabulous dresser.  #bestdressedmurderergoesto

-The Ryan brothers are not significant to the plot.  Neither really is the Grayson daughter or Jack’s brother.

-When Victoria heard Crowley’s voice in her house, her face…it was great.  She must have sh*ted.


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