arrow: “betrayal” recap

CW gets major props from me for having such diversified programming.  Yes, they have the teenie boper shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 (both of which I love), but they also have reality shows and action based dramas, such as Arrow!

The last episode (Vertigo) wasn’t terribly exciting.  The show’s main plot centered around Thea (who I don’t like at all and was hardly even in this episode) and her drug use and how it trickles to the drug manufacturer.  It was drawn out and the guy the show got to play the antagonist for the episode was weird and I didn’t like the character.


Oliver now knows there are two copies of the book of names his father left him and one of them came from the most unlikely places; the geeky IT girl who works at his father’s company.  She told him his mother’s new husband gave it to her to check out before he went missing.  There are too many coincidences and Oliver starts seeing his mother as the thread that is tying everything together.  Oliver doesn’t want to face it but Diggle insists on investigating all the coincidences.  Diggle starts being Mrs. Queen’s driver and when he takes her to see Tommy’s father (the other masked archer and secret society crime leader.  Diggle eavesdrops and hears Oliver’s mom and Tommy’s dad talking about the boat that Oliver and his dad were on that sunk.  Diggle records the conversation through the wall and gives it to Oliver as evidence.


There is a newly released convict crime lord that is back in Sterling and looks at taking down The Hood as a display of power.  He hears through some intel that The Hood has a lawyer friend, Laurel, so he has her kidnapped to help bait him out.  Tommy arrives at Laurel’s apartment after the break in and goes to tell Laurel’s cop dad who calls The Hood to help even though the cop used his daughter as bait to get The Hood the day before.  The Hood goes to the crime lord’s lawyer’s house and starts taking out the armed goons (I imagine an arrow through the chest would kill someone…) and frees Laurel.


The episode ends with The Hood flying through the window of his mother’s office, knocking out all the people in there and drawing his arrow at his mom.  Scare tactic I’m sure…a bit theatrical.  There were a lot more scenes with flashbacks than the previous episodes and when I think I’m finally getting some answers, they throw half a dozen new little puzzles in the mix.




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One thought on “arrow: “betrayal” recap

  1. CW.

    This is what makes me painfully aware that I’m old enough to be your father!

    Never, ever watch these shows. I’m WAY out of their demographic. I’m glad you like these shows.

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