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look of the day: j. j. threads

As cliche and predicted as it may be, the future of fashion will be dependent on technology.  Practicing business, design, sales and marketing can all be done on the internet.  J. J. Threads is an amazing shirt company that lets the visitor pick their fabrics and design their own shirts.  They’re all VERY affordable (between $68-$150 and that’s including the free shipping to the US from China) and made with amazing fabric.  The design, purchase and sharing on the site is one of the most interactive interfaces of any site I have ever seen.  Check it out and you’ll see why I fell in love.  The fabric is a black/gray/blue checkerboard print and the inner cuffs and inner collar have a scull print lining.







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*this was a sponsored collaboration between the brasharian and the brilliant and generous Jay, Katherine and Bill at j. j. threads.

*photos property of aaron greer.


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