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jay wich: man making the clothes (j.j. threads)


Jay Wich, the Harvard graduate and passionate lacrosse (LAX) player is a handsome young man who’s classy and fun style inspired the creation of his company, the online shirt design and construction site J. J. Threads, where people can order made-to-measure shirts using a wide selection of fabrics and styles.

The company, J. J. Threads, was created when Jay moved to China. He started going to tailors to get his work shirts made so that they looked and fit the way he wanted.  The compliments came by the truck load, especially when he started bringing his own fabrics to the tailor’s to make casual shirts to wear out.  Obviously, there was a market for people to have a place where men could design their own shirt and have it made to fit them.

Jay’s personal motto is to “Enjoy every day and try to have fun with what you’re doing” and to me, that includes how people style themselves.  Personal style is about creativity and attitude, and if you watch as much TV as I do then you know that’s a formula for fun.  He doesn’t attend too much to trends or themes which is something I hope he tempts to try in the future (wear a floral print hat for me!).  Not that he needs to, his style is mostly about mixing casual and professional with comfort and structure which is not always as easy as it sounds.  Jay enjoys spending time outside and skiing, with Park City, UT being his choice for a get-a-way destination where he can eat tacos and beef sliders alongside a draft of local brewed beer.  He hails from Baltimore (another key inspiration for his style) and is a big fan of the Ravens, especially quarterback Joe Flacco (who, if you don’t know, would look very sexy in a made-to-measure shirt).

If you know people who just always stay busy, I get the vibe that Jay is one in the same.  After playing lacrosse at Harvard, he continues to play with the Hong Kong team and sponsors the team in their international games with J. J. tagged jerseys.

Many guys face dilemmas when shopping for new clothes, including price point, fabric type and color.  If you take into consideration that guys also have their preferences in regards to look, fit, and construction as well, it can be difficult to know where to start looking.   Every guy interested in contributing something new to their style should take some time to check out the J. J. Threads site and play around with the shirt design software and see how fun it can be to design your own shirt.  The company has plans to expand into women’s wear and other articles of clothing (shorts and jackets I hope!).

Check out pictures I took wearing my custom J. J. Threads shirt!  Look for my account on the J. J. Threads community network, AarongTB!  You can get a full copy of the interview by sending me a message!



Jay 1_2





*sponsored collaboration post for J. J. Threads.

*all images property of Jay Wich.


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