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inspired: moments of clarity

What you do in your spare time will ultimately be what defines who you become.  There’s a few different versions of that sentiment, but the message is pretty clear.


men's shorts, guy's shorts, men's style, men's short shorts


Spring days in the South East are the best.  It’s the closest to California weather as I think we get, but these few amazing weeks (the weather here does not have seasons, it goes straight from winter to summer before you know it) of spring will be taken full advantage of.  I have been developing new hobbies for myself that would not only keep me engaged and productive, but also help shape my routine and lifestyle.  I went on a little walk through a trial near my apartment to enjoy the pretty day and think about my life.  I sported  these beautiful rust pink shorts that I’m going to be doing a feature on next week!  I’m looking forward to making more jewelry  as well as working on some new collaborations.  There may be some new faces to The Brasharian (I found a photographer and I have interest in people wanting to model for me as well as collaborating on projects) which is great because I love meeting new people who have similar interests as me!

I’m going to spend some free time this weekend  re-reading these magazines I got last Sunday (after seeing the OZ movie which totally sucked BTW)  to get some new ideas for some fun topics.

Detials Magazine, Out Magazine, James Franco, Daniel Radclif


Looking forward to my birthday in April!  It can’t come soon enough.


5 thoughts on “inspired: moments of clarity

  1. Miss you. My life is going to be a bit less hectic, so I hope we can see one another soon. Glad to read about your abilities, thoughts & endless creativity. Keeps you healthy & sane. xox

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