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james franco in details magazine

James Franco, Details Magazine, Cover

James Franco is another one of my long-time lovers I was introduced to through his characters on tv and film.  He has this reputation of being a renascence man that has snowballed during his return to college and multi-media collaboration with people from the art world.  He has more degrees than I bother counting, more small features and indie movies than I knew about (acting, writing, and directing), and even more attention because of his pursuits and controversy.

Franco comes across as a complex man with most of his inspiration (his talent, in general) coming from something internal that one can get to know through watching of his characters he plays in movies.  He works hard to get parts that he identifies with, probably due to some sort of struggle that he has in common with the character.  Franco is reportedly an avid reader, so I can assume he loves the escape and fantasy of a book where the weird people that others don’t normally like end up being the hero/protagonist.

james franco, details magazine, cover

Sexuality has become a strong theme in a lot of Franco’s work, often (very often) portraying gay men in movies and collaborations (including his work in “Interior. Leather Bar.” which premiered recently at Sundance) which has lead to main-stream confusion about his orientation (as well as it being the only topic of discussion with some media outlets).

While I feel the Details article is a slow read and the writer spends more time analyzing the environment than interviewing the star and wanting to get to know him, I did notice one important detail (no pun intended) that was elaborated on.  His interest in gay culture has a lot to do with the themes that gay men and women have to create themselves with: being different, loving yourself, and expressing yourself.  LGBT people work harder everyday to oppose the political lies and social ambivalence that are never in short supply.  James Franco is a very strong supporter of LGBT advocacy and his work detailing the gay experience is very real and very respectful.  Not many people can understand the over-all experience involved in gay men and women “coming out” to the world.   It’s an event that for many is full of fear, anxiety, depression, love, hate, and sometimes, abandonment.  The fact that Franco sees these obstacles we face and finds that the end result, an out and mature homosexual living life, as something to be proud and draw inspiration from is refreshing and empowering.  Conceptually, I find him to be an encouraging, supportive, respectful, sensitive/sympathetic ally.

For any of you that love James Franco as much as I do, I will be hosting a party on the birthday James and I share on April 19th of this year through means of a video upload!

TRAILER: “Spring Breakers”

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