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5 tips for booking a modeling job

There is a growing demand for handsome men with a sense of humor and entrepreneurial spirit by companies looking to expand their awareness in the male community.  Bloggers have an excellent foundation to reach out to designers to model because they probably have experience doing street-style shots in collaboration with bloggers.  Women have been the money makers of the vintage modeling age, but brands are swiftly investing more into their men’s collections after seeing the rapid expansion of online sales for men’s products that has occurred over the past few years.  Modeling isn’t something that can easily be taught: it’s a complex business with a lot of politics and a lot of competition.  Companies always contribute a large portion of their revenue into their marketing budget, and image/branding is a major time and money investment.  The summer is an excellent time to start researching out and making some extra cash to put in the bank, and here are a few tips:

5. Have an Attractive Look.

Having a good self-image is very important to successful networking and casting calls.  Do your research!  It’s not as easy as saying “I want to model”.  If you have a favorite company/business/organization, study them!  See what their style is with clothes, hair, occasion, size, and if their style fits your image.  Take care of yourself (if you haven’t started a beauty regiment, today is a great day to do so!), have a good style, look good, and be confident when meeting the people who could potentially be signing your pay checks!  Men have incredible luxuries; we have natural biological mechanisms to increase metabolism and body functions to manage our physical shape, our physical age is easier to hide, and men are consumer loyalists (meaning, men are very likely to remain loyal to a few brands) so if your look matches the company to a T, you may have repeat business!  Would a brand want to work with someone who looks like Zac Efron or Tom Brady, and where do you fit in with that?  Guys get in by having a sexy smoulder and a simple, clean, and smart will get you booked!

River Viiperi

River Viiperi,
click through for photo source (cosmopolitan)

4. Have a Back Bone.

Put yourself out there and network!  Yes, an agency can provide a lot of help, especially for minors.  My friend, Emily Hammond, is a professional modeling coordinator in the south and recommends an agent if one will sign you, but the best way to book the jobs that will make you happy is reaching out to the companies that you like!  If you live in a bigger city, you could easily look up events and programs going on at the local level and make yourself a regular face until you find the person who introduces you to another person who happens to work in marketing for a company you love!  If you live in a smaller city, being a blood hound on the internet is a great skill to build and scouting for modeling jobs will trim those research chops.  Find someone in marketing, PR, someone with a title that would have some influence on opportunities like that and send them a warm and friendly email!  You wont get a  yes every time, and it will take practice to find the cold-call comfort level, but it is a great option for communicating to the people who need to know you exist!  Think of it like dating 😉

3. Have a Business Mindset.

Modeling is a business.  Business is about investing money to make more money, and managing the use of that money to continue to make money.  The modeling business is about managing your image, acting professional and responsible, and finishing the job.  There are companies that will go out on a limb for fresh faces (because that’s exactly what they want!) but then you will be expected to deliver!  Every model is their own entrepreneur, and even if you’re just looking for a few gigs on a part-time basis, word spreads fast in the fashion industry.  You should own a planner and a notebook, have excellent communication skills, glow with confidence, and have the talent to style yourself in a way that will make you look marketable.  Know what the clients are expecting ahead of time so there are no surprises at your final call.  Most often, your face and your body will be the main focus of concern  so keep your hair out of your face, don’t wear a hat, and wear clothes that don’t hide the lines of your body.  If you are a blogger, dj, or anyone that already has a fan-base or audience, modeling is a great way to sell your image and increase your own brand awareness and reputation!  Many designers hire brand ambassadors, who are usually either well known athletes or entertainers or attractive/intelligent brand reps who attend PR functions and events to educate consumers on the product.  These are lucrative contracts if you can prove your value to a company!

Emily Hammond, Female Model

Emily Hammond, Model/Model Coordinator

2. Have a Routine after you book the job.

I have a few friends who model professionally quite often, including my college friend Emily Hammond who has walked in a couple of fashion weeks, modeled for editorials and ad campaigns, and teaches modeling and dance to young people.  After you reach out and book the job, what’s next?  Keep a physical and nutritional routine of common sense exercises and foods (eat mindfully, go to the gym) leading up to the gig.  On the day of the gig, give them face, give them body, give them attitude, and conform to the rest of the professional expectations (natural look – no makeup, second outfit, good underwear, bring a portfolio of your work, take care of your skin, lots of water, practice in a mirror, communicate!) with your performance.

1. The Internet is Our Friend!

When I was in fourth grade, I got my first computer as a Christmas present.  My parents were divorced by then, so I happened to get two computers for Christmas in one year!  I’ve been glued to them since.  As a blogger, I’m learning more and more about how search engines work, and it is fascinating to see how there are so many search engines with different things you can find on each one!  Google is king, so it is a great starting resource for looking up modeling jobs that are currently available.  Social networking is also an amazing tool for finding jobs.  Find people who work at the companies you like and try to start a conversation with them!  People in management positions at any business often confront a lot of stress and nothing beats a difficult day like a warm email from a positive person with a sense of humor and a desire to help their company.

Modeling is a great opportunity for anyone to consider!  There are so many companies out there with different creative directions, each brand is going to have their own concept or unique they idea that they are trying to execute.  Be open minded and outside your comfort zone,  have warm body language, and watch videos/practice your poses/techniques before the  gig.   Modeling is a collaborative industry, so if you can’t communicate or follow directions, you’re really going to struggle.  If you know anyone in modeling or someone who can throw you some sort of opportunity, do not hesitate to consider all of your options!

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