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dave franco

Ask any of my friends (or look through the tags on this blog) and it will be no surprise to see I have a love stamp on my heart for James Franco.  However, if you haven’t recognized his younger but equally beautiful brother lighting up the big screen, allow me to introduce you to him.  James and Dave are both actors, artists, and crazy funny/gorgeous Jews.

Dave has been a frequent collaborator with other actors on Funny or Die, is a talking character in many major movies (21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, Fright Night) and is considered a major break-out actor with a very promising career.

The roles he plays in movies are only a fraction of his magic.  Obviously, there are a few other things that keep people interested in seeing him and it isn’t because he, like his brother, can book a job as a supporting character 😉

dave franco dave franco dave franco dave franco dave franco dave franco

2 thoughts on “dave franco

  1. Oh my.

    The Franco brothers. I can’t even…
    Both of them just are sex on a stick. Where did you find the picture of Dave getting “a hot, hard ride?” I may need to excuse myself for a few 😉

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